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Research is a vital part of planning, operating and expanding a program, service or business. Research can help determine the need for a program or service; guide the design of a program; determine the nature of problems, challenges and opportunities; create a profile of the target population; ensure that time and resources are used to create the greatest impact; and ensure that the best interventions are used to address the need. The Atlantic Evaluation Group Inc. has extensive experience with both quantitative and qualitative research methods including online surveys, focus groups; and interviews.


Evaluation is key to ensuring that programs and services are operating effectively. Program evaluation can help determine how well a program is working, strengths and weaknesses, and the extent to which program goals/objectives are being achieved. The Atlantic Evaluation Group Inc. has extensive experience in program evaluation, and utilizes a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques in order to allow flexibility in evaluation planning and implementation. We use a participatory evaluation model and have conducted numerous evaluations for a wide variety of clients.


Strategic planning serves a variety of purposes and can help an organization clearly define their purpose and establish realistic goals and objectives; develop shared direction and focus; establish priorities; facilitate organizational effectiveness; improve systematic behavior; ensure the most effective use of resources; provide a basis on which progress can be measured; and build strong organizational commitment. The Atlantic Evaluation Group Inc. has extensive experience in facilitating strategic planning and has conducted a number of strategic planning exercises with a wide variety of clients across a diverse range of sectors.

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